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‘Klittra’ — New Word From Sweden For Female (Solo) Masturbation.


Brilliant. Stupendous. You have to HAND it to the Swedish. This great. In time this could prove to be Sweden’s greatest contribution to the World — surpassing Abba. (Did you know that ‘Abba’ comes from the Bible?)

This is great. I am so HAPPY. Thank YOU — Swedish Association for Sexuality Education. They must do a GREAT job. I have been to Sweden many times. Swedish company Erickson was one of my customers.

There is an official ‘Klittra’ Website.
Click to access coverage in a Swedish newspaper (translated here via Google).

There is even a YouTube video.
Click to access YouTube video.

Check out 2nd YouTube video about ‘Klittra’.

“Orgasm Equality” For Females Will Be An Easy Task Compared To #FreeTheNipple In The U.S.

The media interest in “Orgasm Equality” for women was talked about, yesterday, in this post.

Well, if you think about it, achieving that might be easier than trying to liberate female nipples in the U.S.!

Anura Guruge, the author of “Orgasms: 101 Facts & Trivia” did a post about it on his main blog.

Here is a pictorial link to an article, referenced by Anura Guruge, in “collective evolution“.

Then there is a Website with a free video called “freethenipple.com“.

‘Polegasm’ — An Orgasm Induced By Using A Pole Or Rope.

From “urbandictionary”. Click to ENLARGE and read here. Here is the link to the original: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Polegasm

There is a Twitter hashtag #polegasm.

Click to access Twitter hashtag #polegasm.

Some YouTube videos.
Click to access the videos.


A ‘polegasm’ story from ‘Solotouch.com‘.

Click to access original.

Sex, 15 Times A Day — So Says Egyptian ‘Superman’ With 3 Wives.

Check out the video from Egyptian TV. I would not dismiss the 15 times a day claim out of hand. I can vouch for 7 times a day, for prolonged periods and 5 times a day without effort — and I can’t bend coins with my eyes! Plus I have never had 3 wives — at the same time.

Click to access video on Facebook.