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Worn On The Penis, Sex Performance Tracker — It Is Being Called “FitBit For Your Penis”!

Click here to access full U.K. “Daily Mail” June 5, 2015, story where they say
“someone came up with a ‘FitBit for your penis‘”.

Not sure what FitBit will think about that. Maybe they will not mind. In reality they probably should add this to their product repertoire.

Well read what the “Daily Mail” has to say. [Click to ENLARGE the images here].


Interesting product, It probably acts as a ‘cock ring’ too. So that and the vibration mode is a definite bonus. A ‘win-win’. Not sure how romantic this thing is. “Honey, let me slip on my performance tracker to see how I perform with you as opposed to the ex”.

They are trying to crowdfund it. Click below. Check it out.

Click to access crowdfunding page.

Why Recent Term “Female Viagra”, For Flibanserin, Is WRONG — Anura Guruge Explains.

Click to ENLARGE and study.

Anura Guruge is the author of “Orgasms: 101 Facts & Trivia” — a book which actually talks about the DOWNSIDES of Viagra, and other ED treatment pills, when it comes to providing orgasmic satisfaction. Just getting an erection is no guarantee of an orgasm (and past performance is no guarantee of future performance).

The NEW so called PINK Female Viagra“, Sildenafil, by Sprout Pharmaceuticals, actually sets out to do what Viagra and the other ED tablets DO NOT. It sets out create arousal.

Click here for Anura Guruge’s easy to understand explanation.