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On Father’s Day Just Remember How You Came To Be Here.

This is a very important fact that most people never give much thought to. Most of us, at least 99% of all of us around the World, would NOT be here if not for a MALE ORGASM! [Semen harvesting, outside of an orgasm, for artificial insemination is still rare.] So bow your head, on Father’s Day, for a second to orgasms — the LIFE FORCE that got 99% of us here.

Yes, it is International Day of Yoga too.

Sex, 15 Times A Day — So Says Egyptian ‘Superman’ With 3 Wives.

Check out the video from Egyptian TV. I would not dismiss the 15 times a day claim out of hand. I can vouch for 7 times a day, for prolonged periods and 5 times a day without effort — and I can’t bend coins with my eyes! Plus I have never had 3 wives — at the same time.

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